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Upper floor of the flea market
The Flea


An unassuming white brick building stands nestled between highways and fast-food restaurants in Montreal's North end. 

A set of heavy metal doors opens to a labyrinth of stalls and narrow alleyways. Inside, a world of nicknacks and treasure, illuminated by hundreds of vintage light bulbs.

Hours are lost here. 


"There’s something here for everyone,”

Frances, 80-year-old owner and administrator of the flea market

Flea market owner in her office
Stall owner

"I try to find the special things.

The things everyone wants to see,"

Alain Lamarre, owner of ALSM Broncateurs

Merchant in his stall (closing shot)

"What I enjoy the most, is to see the faces of people when they find something special. The happiness in their eyes, the sparkle.”

Thank you to all the merchants for their patience and help.

All photos taken by Alexandra Jurecko in Montreal, 2019. Copyright by Alexandra Jurecko.

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