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Promotional video work

Boss Women Unfold (Branded Podcast)

Montreal, 2019-20

Promotional video production for Boss Women Unfold, a podcast series featuring honest and intimate conversations among 

women entrepreneurs.

Production: Alexandra Jurecko

Videography: Alexandra Jurecko

Editing: Alexandra Jurecko

Teaser for Boss Women Unfold Season 1

Vickie Joseph (left) and Noëlly Sam (right) after the recording of episode 1

"Episode 1 with Vickie Joseph": trailer for the first episode of Boss Women Unfold


"Honest Conversations with Cheryl Blas": promotional video for episode 2

Andrea Soueidan (left) and Noëlly Sam (right) during the recording of episode 4

Audio waveform created for episode 4 of the podcast, with guest Andrea Soueidan

Audio waveform promoting podcast episode 5 featuring Abisara Machold

"Honest Conversations with Abisara Machold" video accompanying episode 5


Audio waveform promoting podcast episode  featuring Abisara Machold

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