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Produced for Indigenous Clean Energy and hosted by Mihskakwan James Harper and Freddie Huppé Campbell, Decolonizing Power shares inspiring clean energy stories told by Indigenous, remote and island communities from around the world.

Hosts+Creators: Mihskakwan James Harper and Freddie Huppé Campbell

Editing+Production Assistance: Alexandra Jurecko

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"I think there's a lot of opportunities for governments and companies and organizations to really sit down with indigenous communities and work on plans to help make Canada a better place."
Anthony (AJ) Esquega, Mashkawiziiwin Energy Project Coordinator, Kiashke Zaaging Anishinaabek (KZA)

S 1 E1 / Waasamoo - Electric

Episodes 1 and 2 of Decolonizing Power take us to Kiashke Zaaging Anishinaabek (KZA), Gull Bay First Nation, located on the western shores of Lake Nipigon in Ontario, Canada.

KZA is home to one of Canada's largest microgrids. Hosts Freddie and James speak to Anthony (AJ) Esquega, KZA's Mashkawiziiwin Energy Project Coordinator.

Listen as AJ shares his views on sustainability and fair partnerships, learn about his experiences with renewable energy projects and find out what the microgrid means to him and his community.

S 1 E2 / Anangokaa - There are (many) stars

"Sustaining is to enable a place to thrive and by thrive I mean, the people, the natural history, the natural heritage, but also the cultural heritage of the past."
Lucy Conway, Resident and active community member, Isle of Eigg
For our next two episodes, the Decolonizing Power team to Scotland - virtually, of course!

In episode 3, "The Power of Knoydart", we visit the remote community oof Knoydart, reachable only by boat or long hike. Freddie and James talk to Frank Atherley, a community spokesperson, and Kyle Smith, an engineer, about peninsula's energy security project.

Episode 4, "We are all one island", takes our listeners to the Isle of Eigg, a remote island in the Scottish Inner Hebrides. Lucy Conway speaks about the island's community-owned clean energy project.

S 1 E3 / The power of Knoydart

S 1 E4 / We are all one island

"Communities [here] are the ones that are suffering the most, but contributing at least to the climate change. At the end of the day, if some people are left behind in the transition, then it's not going to make any sense for a universal clean energy transition."

S 1 E5 / Energizing the Amazon

Marvin Tumusiime, Abundance Team Manager, New Energy Nexus
Episode 5 is a special, multi-lingual episode that takes us to the Amazon region of Brazil, specifically to the state of Mato Grosso and the Xingu People at the Parque Indígena do Xingu. ICE member Layane, originally from Brazil herself, translates Marcelo Martins words from Portuguese to English. Martins works at the Instituto Socioambiental in Brazil. He tells us about his experiences with renewable energy resources in the Amazon and about working alongside the Xingu People as part of the Programa Xingu.

We're finishing off season 6 strong with two interview guests in Uganda. We hear dynamic and effective solutions for access to clean technologies that leave no one behind. Marvin Tumusiime from the ENVenture program at New Energy Nexus and Masika Janet, a member of the community-based organization Rural Family Care, share some of their experiences and the incredible impacts of their work.

S 1 E6 / Power to the last mile

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