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Feature: USMCA trade agreement and effects on local dairy farmers

Montreal, 2018

Quebec dairy farmers deal with the effects of the proposed US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement. We interviewed farmer Peter Strebel on how the agreement will affect his family business and spoke to Francois Dumontier, spokesperson for Les Produceteurs de Lait du Québec.


This news feature was researched by Lina Forero, and shot and edited in collaboration with Lina Forero and Hussein Kamel.

Research: Lina Forero

Videography: L. Forero, Hussein Kamel, Alexandra Jurecko

Editing: L. Forero, H. Kamel, A. Jurecko

Reporter Tag+V/O: H. Kamel

Script: H. Kamel, A. Jurecko

Feature project for Advanced Video Journalism class at Concordia University

Story: Construction on Plaza St. Hubert

Montreal, 2018

The ongoing construction on Plaza St. Hubert has many shoppers and local business owners shaking their heads. The popular shopping street has been under construction since early 2018. Officials hope that by the time construction is completed in 2020, the plaza will come back stronger than before.

Research: Alexandra Jurecko

Videography: A. Jurecko, Hussein Kamel

Editing: Hussein Kamel, Alexandra Jurecko

Reporter tag+V/O: Alexandra Jurecko

Script: Hussein Kamel, Alexandra Jurecko

Produced for Advanced Video Journalism class at Concordia University

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